DZP Contact Information

Dr Zlatka Stoeva
DZP Technologies Ltd.
Future Business Centre
Kings Hedges Rd
Cambridge CB4 2HY

Dr Zlatka Stoeva is a managing director and founder of DZP Technologies Ltd. She developed the current product and service portfolio and initiated business partnerships and collaborations to commercialise the company’s innovations in flexible and stretchable electronics, wearable technology, graphene, and sensors for the Internet-of-Things.
Zlatka has a scientific background in materials chemistry. She completed her PhD degree at the University of St Andrews in 2001, where she worked on polymer electrolytes for solid-state lithium ion batteries. She then held post-doctoral research positions working on lithium ion conductors and other energy storage materials. In 2006, Zlatka moved on to a business-focussed role at the technology transfer office at the University of Cambridge. She spent several years in this role, working on the commercialisation, patenting, and licensing of technologies arising from university science. Zlatka also holds an MBA from Nottingham University Business School and LLM International Business Law from Anglia Ruskin University