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Industrial Advisory Board (IAB)

Industrial Advisory Board (IAB)

Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) consists of senior experts from industry outside the consortium, who are in a position to suggest and advise on strategic issues associated with the development of the project, and the potential routes for future exploitation.

The IAB is open for new members for the duration of the project, especially from end-user industry. It would be also used as vehicle to bring expertise to the project that has not been envisaged at the start of the project.

The IAB is a resource for use by the UltraWire project and it is managed by the Project Management Committee (PMC). The main purpose of IAB meetings is to advise on strategic issues arising within the development program and within potential routes for future exploitation. The IAB has no binding influence on programme decisions. It is primarily a discussion-and-advice forum to help the PMC gain relevant outside perspective, when they feel that they need it. The IAB would be helping the UltraWire project in strategic issues such as developing routes and building supply chain for future industrial exploitation, identifying and bridging gaps in industrial capabilities and IP licensing to industry. Before any technical and programme related details are disclosed to the IAB the PMC needs to inform all UltraWire members and obtain their comments following standard rules for dissemination of any materials outside of the UltraWire consortium. All IAB members are bound by confidentiality to the UltraWire programme and are required to sign confidentiality agreement.

The IAB members are allowed to participate in Project Steering Committee (General Assembly) meetings upon invitation by PMC but have not any voting rights.

The IAB meetings may take place in-person at a suitable location or by teleconference. The in-person IAB meetings could be linked with planned Exploitation and Dissemination Workshop(s).

The IAB members: International Copper Association (ICA), Airbus, BT, MBDA, Rolls-Royce and Schneider Electric.