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UltraWire Management

The UltraWire consortium structure is divided into several layers of management which are designed to interact with each other and where all have specific responsibilities and roles assigned.

Project Co-ordinator (PC) is the main interface between the consortium, the European Commission and other interested third parties. The PC is supported by the Technical Manager (TM) and Exploitation, Delivery and Dissemination Manager (EM) and they will have the overall responsibility for achieving the technical and business goals of the project. The PC role is given to Dr Krzysztof Koziol from University of Cambridge, who is one of the leading experts in carbon nanomaterials. The University of Cambridge is covering all legal and financial administrative duties relevant to the project coordinating partner role. The TM role is given to Jan Jansen from Aurubis, who is experienced senior engineer with in-depth knowledge of copper industry. His role is to provide cohesion of all activities in different Work Packages (WPs) from the industrial manufacturing and technical perspective and coordinate work and manage communication with the WP Leaders (WPLs). The EM role is to ensure developments and activities are focused on the needs of industry and to develop strategies for delivering findings quickly and efficiently for rapid exploitation therein and he would be assisting PC and TM in their project management and coordination tasks. This role is given to Dr Bojan Boskovic from Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology, who has extensive nanomaterial related technology transfer experience between industry and academia. The EM also manages dissemination activities, monitoring and encourage exploitation activities both at project and partner level. The EM monitors IPR issues to ensure Europe’s and partner interests are adequately protected. He would be assisting PC with submission of relevant periodic reports and deliverables, organisation of the project review meetings and preparation of the meeting minutes.

Project Management Committee (PCM)

The PC, TM and EM are forming a Project Management Committee (PMC) that has a role to define the technical strategy to ensure a coherent approach across all project Work Packages. The PC acts as chairman of the PMC.

Project Steering Committee (PSC)

Project Steering Committee (PSC) is composed of one representative per partner and the PC, PM and EM. The PSC will meet face-to-face six monthly to review technical strategy as well as financial and other project control aspects of the project. The PSC is the core decision-making body, responsible for the successful completion of the project and the exploitation of its results.

Work Package Leaders (WPL)

Work Package Leaders (WPLs) are responsible for technical progress, co-ordination of work and delivery to the PMC and PSC within their Work Package. The WPLs are ultimately responsible for the proper execution of tasks within a WP and ensures the deliverables are delivered on time, with adequate quality and according to the description stated in the work plan. The TM coordinates work of the WPLs.