DZP Products

Silver Conductive Inks

Our products make use of the latest advances in materials science and technology to provide user-friendly, aqueous conductive inks and pastes which match the performance of the conventional solvent inks. Our silver conductive technology provides the following key benefits:

  • Low temperature curing (25 – 120 °C) and suitable for printing on heat-sensitive polymers, composites, paper and textiles
  • Wide temperature operating range (-65 – 220 °C) and excellent mechanical and environmental stability once cured.

Graphene Inks and Pastes

With a focus on commercially viable technology development, we work in the chasm that often exists between the academic research centres and companies seeking to develop graphene products that fill a market need.

Our portfolio of more than 50 bespoke graphene formulations means that we are likely to already have the best technical solution for a particular application on hand. With no tie to a specific graphene raw material, our primary focus is on the best solution for a specific product, and not the ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ approach often found with large commercial ink manufacturers which offer off-the-shelf products. We have experience in the following graphene technologies:

  • Conductive graphene inks and thick pastes
  • Aqueous graphene dispersions
  • Graphene energy storage (supercapacitors and batteries)
  • Graphene sensors