UltraWire Workshop 2020

Workshop on Commercialisation of Ultra-Conductive Composites

2nd July 2020

(online workshop)

Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd organised the UltraWire Workshop, which took place on the 2nd July 2020, as an online workshop. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop was rescheduled as a virtual workshop, using ZOOM online digital platform.

The UltraWire Workshop 2020 aimed to support commercialisation of ultra-conductive materials including nano-carbon and metal-based composites technologies for a number of applications, such as; electrical energy transmission and transport by bringing together technology development leaders and industrial end-users.

Over 30 participants attended this event, they came from leading organisations such as: Whirlpool Corporation, Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI), MBDA, Coatema Coating Machinery, Argonne National Laboratory, SH Wire, Prysmian Group, DZP Technologies, Haydale Composites Solutions, European Copper Institute, SENERGY, Q5D, Furukawa Electric Institute of Technology Ltd, UltraConductive Copper Company Inc., TWI, TMBK Partners Sp. z o.o, Graphene Laboratories, Inc.,  Nanoscience Centre- University of Cambridge and Brunel Composites Centre.