Haydale Products

Inks & Coatings

Our unique functional inks provide performance enhancements and cost reductions. These conductive & piezoresistive products offer a unique blend of nanomaterial enhanced and silver inks, which offer unique properties into the coating and paint markets for anti-abrasion, wear and corrosion.


Haydale continues to develop its range of masterbatch, prepreg and resins for use in composite manufacturing, offering enhanced mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. We specialise in the design, testing, certification and commercialisation of composite structures.


Haydale’s custom Silicon Carbide fibre materials have a wide range of applicability, from ceramics, to polymers, to metal matrix composites. Our products impart toughness and durability and survive in the most challenging environments.


We compound nanomaterials into a range of elastomers to support customers using nanomaterials in elastomeric products for a range of property improvements, such as thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and increased mechanical performance.