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Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd is organising the UltraWire Workshop 2019 in order to support commercialisation of ultra-conductive materials and development of nano-carbon and metal composites based technologies for a number of applications, including electrical energy transmission and transport, by bringing together technology development leaders and industrial end-users. The UltraWire 2019 Workshop would be an opportunity […]

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CNT is organising the UltraWire Workshop 2019 in Cambridge (venue to be confirmed)  on 10 & 11 July 2019. If you are interested in speaking, participating and/or exhibiting at the UltraWire Workshop 2019 you would express your interest to get more information about the workshop including registration form and agenda by sending an email to Dr Bojan […]

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The UltraWire project has been featured at the BBC News Click programme! The programme has been shown on TV for the first time on 9 April 2016 on the BBC News and the BBC World News channels and few more times in following days and weeks. It is available for download and viewing in the […]

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Lighter, more conductive power cables on the horizon Aerospace America, November 2015, page 7 Leaders of a European research program plan to present findings at a meeting in Brussels next year describing their examination of methods for mixing carbon nanotubes — cylinders of carbon atoms — with copper to create lighter, more conductive power cables […]

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The “Ultrawire” project aims at producing a material that conducts electricity better than any known electrical conductor “We are exploiting forefront European carbon manufacturing technology and transferring exciting new materials into industry” says Dr. Krzysztof Koziol, Head of the Electric Carbon Nanomaterials Research Group in the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy at the University […]